Because we all have the power to unlock our potential - sometimes we just need help finding the key

Lifestyle Revolution Free Seminar






Are you ready to make lasting, positive changes in your life?

Are you curious about wellness transformation in a fun, group setting?

Are you ready to hear the latest research to improve your health?

Are you looking to lose weight?

Then this seminar is for you!


Youll learn:

How to prioritize your health needs

The things your body really needs to be healthy

How natural law can help you achieve your health goals

How to make decisions that align your head and your heart


How to improve your sleep starting tonight!


Daces seminars are fun and invigorating.  His powerful yet down-to-earth approach reaches everyone. Bob Beck


This Free Seminar is a high energy, fun, experiential, eye-opening

experience that you wont forget.

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Call: 605-209-5140 or go to Facebook:  Dace Price Wellness Coaching

and Joinone of the two event dates.

TWO EVENT TIMES! Please select one :  Tues. Feb. 10,  6:30-8 p.m.

Wed. Feb. 11,  6:30-8 p.m.

LOCATION:  Starbucks downtown meeting room /Alex Johnson

Seating is very limited and will fill up fast!

I am forever grateful for Daces program. He is a very astute, caring and approachable instructor.  It is a thrilling process when we seek out and begin a practice that speaks to our true nature. Carrie Linde

The free seminar is a value-packed peek into a comprehensive 3-month group program.  The full program includes:

Course materials- your own manual packed with written exercises, journaling, handouts and much more.  Past participants report this manual becomes very near and dear to them.

Expert guest speakers:

Jodi Niggeman, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist.

Luke Krueger, Certified Body Talk Practitioner, Founder Dakota Float Spa

Lorie Eichert, Empowerment Coach

12- Class sessions over 3 months equalling 18 hours.

Note:  I employ accelerated learning techniques so this good stuff is highly retained.  Youll hear a lot of music!


Individual coaching session

And much more!

I created Lifestyle Revolution! with a big vision in mind and heart.  That vision is to inspire and educate others to take charge of their well-being so they can go forward in their lives shining brighter in body, mind, and spirit.  Its a vision where people learn to deal with everyday stresses in a much healthier way.  They are taking great care of themselves. Where they are using the power of their Mind-Body to create a healthier experience when eating, and then feeding themselves quality food, so their energy skyrockets.  Its also about creating very restful, restorative sleep, as well as learning how to use technology in a way that supports this.  As a beautiful result, if one is looking to lose weight, a supportive foundation is in place for weight to more easily be released!

Seeking a well and healthy life does not have to be a struggle!

This program is not about selling supplements or endorsing any particular health or weight loss program. Ive compiled my experience and training into a educational program where coaching and training occur.

When people bring these teachings into their lives they not only positively affect their families, but the community and ultimately the world.  That is my vision.   If you resonate with this at all you are being called to be a part of this life-changing program.  Give yourself the gift of growth.  You wont regret it! Dace

Imagine the power of a weekly group meeting that is:



Full of accelerated learning techniques so you retain what youve learned

Safe and confidential



Full of the latest content in the wellness arena

Enhanced with expert guest speakers

And not only that but.

Keeps you on track with daily and weekly written exercises from your

Lifestyle Revolution Manual.

Before the program, I was overloaded with information and didnt know what was right or wrong for me in my efforts to get healthy and lose weight.  This program provided me with a holistic approach and quickly led me to a more positive direction in my life.  Thank you! Rob

This program starts on Tuesday Feb. 24 and runs every Tuesday through May 12.  Time:  6:30-8 p.m.

Starbucks downtown meeting room/ Hotel Alex Johnson

Make it to the free seminar to hear all the details!

Ok people!  You will make a shift. Your life will change as mine did.  This program is packed with value.  You wont regret giving yourself this gift Sandra Sawyer

Dace is engaging and enlightening.  He connects with his audience with playful stories, thought provoking scenarios, and an over-all sense of relaxation. Lenessa Keehn, 6-12 Business/Computer Teacher, Lead-Deadwood School District

We hope to see you there!  To your health and well-being.

Dace Price is a Peak Potentials Certified Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Coach and EFT Practitioner. Dace is also a certified MovNat Level 1Teacher and an

Institute of HeartMath De-Stress Workshop Provider.