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EFT Testimonials

To put it simply, EFT has been a life-changing experience.  I attended the session as part of a self-improvement group, not really knowing what to expect.  I didn't even have a very specific issue to work on. 

Dace helped me to identify a general problem area and as we worked the technique, I was amazed at how quickly and readily the true issues surfaced.  My concious and sub-concious defenses came down easily.  I was comfortable and I honestly had FUN in the session, which would be unheard of in a traditional counseling session.

As a mental health professional, I feel confident saying that in 1 hour I covered more ground, healed more hurts and overall felt happier than I could have in 5 sessions of talk therapy, and trust me, I tackled some very BIG issues!

Thank you Dace, I am forever grateful, you have changed my life!"

- Diana 
Licensed Social Worker/Mental Health Counselor

I Love EFT!!!  Dace is very intuitive, caring and easy to talk to.  Dace makes you feel very comfortable and safe when doing the EFT process. EFT is easy and I got to the root of my problems in relatively short time. EFT process made me aware of where my limiting beliefs actually originated and then they were easy to deal with and move on.  I feel more confident and self assured since doing EFT.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EFT!!

- Diane Valland

I recently had to get a medical test that I was very anxious and scared about (so much so-the doctor prescribed anti-anxiety medicine for me so I could make it through the test).  I have had a lot of trauma around medical tests that involve needles and injections-so that is why I was so nervous about the test.  Dace did EFT with me and we tapped on all of my key emotions around needles and injections.  By the end of the session-I had no anxiety around the test.  I went to the test and decided on the way that I didn't need to take the anti-anxiety medicine.  I breezed through the test without any medicine to calm or relax me.

Dace can tune into you and your emotions so naturally and easily-which really helps you clear the root of the issue-not just your surface emotions.

Shauna Bruce