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Coaching Testimonials

Going into the program, I knew I had to be open minded and willing to make some changes for myself in order to get positive results. I already had an agenda which was to get a better insight on nutrition and to find a way to lose and control my weight. I had been overloaded with information and could not decipher what was right or wrong. I decided to seek out some guidance and put my faith and trust into someone…..this is where Dace comes into the picture. Not only did he help me filter out what was best for my health, nutrition and eating habits, but also led me in a more positive direction in my lifestyle. By integrating a supportive code of honor, a daily journal with affirmations and activities that included EFT and guided visualizations, I was able to maintain a better focus on my goals and also develop new ones along the way. I can now carry this helpful and supportive knowledge with me wherever I may roam.


Thank you very much for making a difference,




Dace has offered great life skills and support to many of my boot-camp participants!  His advice is personal, realistic, and effective for success for everyone!  Whether you're struggling with personal issues, trying to accomplish new goals, or simply want to improve your health/fitness, Dace has the tools and techniques to help you reach your full potential in any situation! Give him a call today!!!


Josh Usera, DMA