Because we all have the power to unlock our potential - sometimes we just need help finding the key


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – 1 hr/$75 plus tax

EFT can be done over the phone or face-to-face. For details on EFT, please see the EFT page.

Public Speaking - Contact for Pricing Details

Dace specializes in motivational speaking to both youth and adults. He customizes each speech to the audience and purpose, and each presentation can vary in length from an hour to a full day workshop. Topics include wellness, stress management, emotional well-being, healthy living, teamwork, leadership, self-identity and more. Specialized youth topics also address making smart decisions and living a positive life.

Past presentations:
“The Inner Game of Health: Outsmart stress and live with vitality”
In this popular keynote, Dace provides many inspiring and surprising ways to ‘outsmart’ stress. He combines ancient wisdom with modern science, leaving participants feeling inspired and armed with ways to create a more healthy and balanced life.

“Create Your Code of Honor”
This powerful workshop is especially beneficial for teams, businesses, organizations and even families to create increased teamwork and cohesion. Based on the works of Blair Singer, Dace helps your team create a code of honor so that everyone can achieve their best.

“Jammin’ To Your Own Groove”
Dace uses his own diverse, humorous musical life history to illustrate the value of finding who you are and, more importantly, being comfortable with what you’ve found. Both youth and adults relate to his struggles and “aha!” moments as he conveys life’s lessons in this energizing and inspirational presentation.

“What’s Your Type? Understanding Ayurveda”
Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of holistic health in the world. In this workshop, you will discover your unique body type and discover how to make diet and other life changes to bring your health to a new level.

Coaching - 1 hr/week for $300/month plus tax (minimum of three months)

One-on-one coaching or mentoring, done over the phone or face-to-face.
Since coaching benefits occur over time, there is an initial 3-month minimum commitment. At the end of this three months, some clients feel “unstuck” and complete, though many clients choose to continue their coaching well beyond this initial period once they experience the rapid shifting and growth that occurs. Dace coaches on life, well-being, diet/nutrition, spirituality and relationships. These sessions help you to create new habits and identify problematic thoughts and behaviors. Dace acts as an active listener, helping to mirror your own thoughts and words back so that you can more readily acknowledge problems, helping you to see things you may not see on your own. He helps you to expose the beliefs and issues that have you stuck and connect to inspiration. He strives to empower his clients – he doesn’t fix you, he helps YOU fix you. It’s about celebrating successes and moving forward. Dace loves to witness his clients’ lives shifting along the way, often in areas that are very unexpected!