Because we all have the power to unlock our potential - sometimes we just need help finding the key

Meet Dace

Until the age of 30, Dace pursued a music career, playing in bands and dreaming of hitting it big. As he was chasing his dream in Nashville, he began to realize that his interests were changing – but he had no idea what was next or where to go from there. Thus began his journey of intense “self-helping,” as he likes to call it.


He threw himself into studies of health and fitness, food science, and different spiritual disciplines.  Along the way, he found various mentors and ultimately hired a life coach to help him clarify his desires, outline his options, and make changes. Coaching was incredible – uplifting, empowering, freeing, and strangely, it felt to him like ‘coming home.’ In the midst of all his self-help, Dace had found his calling.


Dace is now thrilled to be living that calling.  The process of helping others to find freedom and reconnect with their potential is not only deeply fulfilling, it continues to accelerate his own growth. Talk about a win-win!


Dace loves working one-on-one with clients, but also enjoys leading classes and speaking to groups. He educates, facilitates, mentors and encourages, so that others might find their callings and live their hidden dreams.


Dace’s dream of making it big in music taught him that all of life is a performance. “We get to choose, moment by moment, how we perform.” His choice is to perform from the heart, with excellence.  What performance do you choose to create?


Dace's professional credentials include:
  • Peak Potentials Certified Trainer
  • Academy of Awakening Awareness Graduate
  • Carol Tuttle's Energy Therapy Boot Camp (EFT)
  • Dave Ellis Leadership and Coach Training
  • Youth and Family Services Boy's Health Advocate and Fatherhood Educator